Finlands Rotary Registered Association, purpose and nature of the operation

The purpose of the association is to enhance Rotary activity in Finland, working as a service collaborator and a supporter for Rotary district clubs. The association also assists with collaboration between members in sharing experiences and information:

- By producing and publishing books, training, and informational materials 

- By organizing training sessions and seminars supporting member activities

- By assisting members in planning, implementing, and coordinating projects

- And by handling membership finances.

The members decide annually which joint projects and member specific tasks will be taken on by the association.

The association maintains an office in Helsinki.

Relationship with Rotary International

The association operates as  Finland multi-district association (MDAC) by authorization and principles given by Rotary International (RI).  

The association complies with Finnish law and the Rotary International’s international rules, guidance, and regulations as long as these do not conflict with Finnish law.

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